SBS self-adhesive

SBS self-adhesive

MIDA SELF is a membrane based on distilled bitumen modified with elastomeric polymers (SBS) and thermo-adherent additives. The reinforcement is made out of polyester (P) reinforced with glass fibers longitudinally twisted or longitudinal interweaved fiberglass mat (V). Membrane composition provides excellent adhesion properties, elasticity, cold flexibility (-15; -20⁰C), durability and mechanical strength.

SELF MIDA membranes are manufactured with PE film hot-melt finishing on the upper face.

Overlappable edges and side seating surface of the membrane is protected by a removable silicone film which should be removed before its usage.

Usable domains: waterproofing thermosensitive surface – expanded or extruded polystyrene, or wood.

MIDA SELF is applied by simply placing it in the polystyrene or wood support.

Membrane adhesion to the substrate will be achieved through the heat transfer resulting from:
– heat from the burner flame or hot air jet applied on top of the membrane
– heat from the burner flame or hot air jet while applying the final layer of waterproofing.

-15⁰ SBS MIDA SELF EPS V 2.0 mm self-adhesive
-15⁰ SBS MIDA SELF PV S 2,0 s P 2.0 mm (2.9 kg) self-adhesive
-20⁰ SBS MIDA SELF GV S3 V 2.7 mm (3.5 kg) self-adhesive

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