Technoroof N

Technoroof N

TECHNOROOF N made by TECHNONICOL is a rigid stone wool plate with a consistent density, pressure-resistant, non-combustible, specifically designed for application on terrace roofs. The product is hydrophobic throughout its cross section and remains stable in volume and shape at different temperatures.

TECHNOROOF N is used for thermal, acoustic and fire protection of terrace roofs. It is suitable for use under all types of waterproofing membranes both on circulated or uncirculated roofs.

Designed for easy installation on flat roofs made from reinforced concrete or trapezoidal sheeting.


Thermal conductivity λD Compression strength
TECHNOROOF N30 0,035 W/mK >30 kPa
TECHNOROOF N35 0,036 W/mK >35 kPa
TECHNOROOF N40 0,036 W/mK >40 kPa

Reaction to fire
Non-combustible, A1 Euroclass classified according to EN 13501•1.

Excellent acoustic insulation due to the dense fiber structure of the material.


  • high performance during fire
  • high compressive strength
  • excellent thermal performance
  • excellent sound insulation
  • long-lasting insulation properties

– Flat roofs

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